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Is your home radon free? Call us today at 303-305-8419

Is your home radon free? Call us today at 303-305-8419

Is your home radon free? Call us today at 303-305-8419Is your home radon free? Call us today at 303-305-8419




There are several different methods that Radon Free Colorado, LLC. can use to lower radon levels in your home.  Because each home is built differently, we like to provide free, no obligation on-site evaluations of your property.  This way we can ensure that your system is placed in the most effective spot possible. Call us at 303-305-8419 or email us at We offer our basic system with optional aesthetically pleasing upgrades. 

Downspout Vent Stack

Our basic system includes 3"x 4" downspout just like that of your home’s gutter system in place of the PVC pipe (below 6500 ft).  This helps the system blend into the exterior of the home and is much more aesthetically pleasing .

Fan Covers - Upgrade

With Colorado’s harsh elements, radon fans can take a beating.  These fan covers protect the fans and can add years to the life of your system.

RadonAway SF-180 Fan- Upgrade

This specialty fan achieves the same results with a much smaller, more aesthetically pleasing look.

*Discount given on multiple options

**Price subject to change depending on size and scope of project.

Custom Builds and Commercial Properties

Radon Free Colorado, LLC. also installs radon mitigation systems for custom home builders.  We can design and install a radon mitigation system from the ground up, completely hidden with the structure of your custom home.  The benefits of being proactive and building a house radon resistant from scratch are two fold; the home is constructed to be forever radon resistant and the system components are unseen.  

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

 A crawl space (as the name implies) is a type of basement in which one typically cannot stand up in and and the bottom surface is often soil.  While a crawl space cannot be used as living space, it can be used as storage. Care must be taken in doing so, as water from the damp ground, plumbing leaks and moisture seeping through porous concrete can create a perfect environment for mold/mildew to form on any surface in the crawl space, especially cardboard boxes, wood, drywall and some types of insulation.

In Colorado, most homes with crawl spaces are constructed with the HVAC vent lines running from the furnace through the crawl space to their desired location.  These HVAC runs are not airtight and pick up and distribute everything and anything in the crawl space, throughout the home, significantly deteriorating the AIR QUALITY in the home.  Furthermore, without some sort of effective vapor barrier, the only thing between a homeowner and the unknowns of a crawl space is the floor material separating the two.

Health and safety issues must be considered when a home includes a crawl space. As air warms in a home, it rises and leaves through the upper regions of the house, much in the same way that air moves through a chimney. This phenomenon, called the “stack effect,” causes the home to suck air up from the crawl space into the main area of the home. Mold spores, foul odors, fecal material from dust mites or other pests, and RADON GAS can come up with the air, aggravating breathing problems (such as asthma) and creating a variety of health-related problems.

Radon Free Colorado, LLC. will  install  Sub-Membrane Depressurization Systems in Colorado crawl spaces.  We can improve the Air Quality in your home while transforming an unusable, dirty crawl space into a safe, clean environment.

Our services include:

  • Sub-Membrane Depressurization (constant vacuum beneath a sealed vapor barrier, vented to a safe level outside the home).
  • Complete crawl space vapor barrier using Radon Away products.
  • Sump Pump (on existing sump pits)
  • Debris Removal and Soil Leveling.